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Obligatory, "got something to say?" post. Contact info is here.

List of notable entries and such on Elphaba's journal.




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[IC post]

[Is out with Doyle, running from zombies towards the woods. She appears very determined.]

((ooc: backdated to the first day of the zombiepocalypse. anyone can jump, but the post is up for fiyero.))

the PB search continues

Anne Hathaway, Y/N?

She's got that sort of awkward pretty going on, and the benefit of using an actress is that I get lots of expressions. But is she too recognizable? We had a Christian Bale and currently have a Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, so... is it an issue to use someone recognizable?

Sample icons here.

Camp, not revisited.


Firstly, I should mention I am taking Elphaba from a much, much earlier point in canon. A third of the way through the book, to be precise, when she decides not to return to Shiz. She doesn't know any magic, she isn't with Fiyero, and while she has a shiny newfound hatred of the wizard, she isn't yet a terrorist/outlaw/etc.

I was a n00b when we last had an Elphie in camp, and therefore I don't know how she was played/where she was taken from/what she told other people/etc etc. Fiyero's also been around a long time and has likely blabbed a few things... and I don't want to go in completely blind, so!

This is a post inquiring the following:

1. Did your character have a particular connection to Elphaba I should know about?
2. Do you know important things about her/her future/etc that might come up?
3. DID FIYERO TELL YOU ABOUT ME? (I rock in bed uhuhuhu~)
4. Do you liek mudkips?

Obligatory App Post!

Elphaba's voting post is here, in with 94.6%

Character: Elphaba Thropp
Series: Wicked
Character Age: 18

Canon: Once upon a time, there was a child born in the land of Oz, a girl with green skin and sharp teeth who would one day become the Wicked Witch of the West. But once upon a time she was just a girl named Elphaba, a wild but intelligent child who grew to be a quick witted young woman, one who always had her nose in a book. Wicked is the story of her life and the times she lived in, in a fairy-tale land called Oz where animals speak, magic is taught as a college major, and the Wizard is not as Wonderful as everyone thinks.

A bit prickly and a bit misunderstood, Elphaba is always encouraging her friends to question things, to think and to learn. She is a champion of Animals (the uppercase A refers to animals capable of speech and intelligent thought) and a lover of science. She always says what's on her mind, and has a bit of a reputation---alright, a lot of a reputation---as a loudmouth. She is snarky and outspoken, always knowledgeable of whatever matter she decides to speak, and unafraid of standing up against authority. She is incredibly protective of those she cares about, but she doesn't care what anyone, not even you, thinks of her, despite her constant self-deprecating. Elphaba, you see, is used to being different, and for the time being has embraced standing out as not only who she is, but as a way of life.

Elphaba is taken from a third of the way through the book, when she decides not to return to Shiz.

Sample: How strange. While I would never say I'm not used to swamps, there's something a bit different about this one, isn't there? The smell is worse, that's for certain, but there's more of a charm, a lived-in feel that I wouldn't expect. And so many Animals! You toucans are certainly Toucans, but the gorillas are not quite Gorillas, are they? Grunting and knuckle-dragging aren't typically signs of sophisticated life forms, but the poor creatures did try to pronounce my name, which puts them well above many of the fraternity brothers at Shiz after a pint or two. And no life form should be held accountable for being stuck somewhere between states of intelligence... perhaps it's part of Animal evolution?

As for you, Masters Toucan, I'm surprised that as creatures with sentience, you haven't realized you have certain responsibilities. Like developing the language skills of your 'zombies' so they can be accepted as Zombies and into polite society. A little skin problem isn't the end of the world, you know. Zombies, stop plucking off your body parts and listen to what I'm saying. And stop trying to eat me, I'm not fooled... you don't need to embrace people's fear of you, looking different doesn't change your ability to learn. We'll work on this... oh, again with the eyeballs. This'll be a project, won't it? I'll have to settle here, for a time, but that's alright. I was just saying to myself the other day how I needed a change of pace, and I suppose returning to one's roots is as good as setting said roots down elsewhere.

It went something like this: "Elphie," I said to myself, "You know what's missing from your life?" I of course responded questioningly in my mind, without words since I understand myself so well. We're good friends, myself and I, and so I listened closely as I answered myself (and I was quite enthusiastic about this point), "A good swamp! Remember the days of your poor armless sister running dead into sinkholes, of scrubbing muddy scum from your boots, of being mistaken for some sort of swamp creature risen from the muck." The latter bothered me more than anything... I have sensitive ears, you see, and screams are rather grating. There was really nothing to be done about it, though. Being green is sometimes terribly inconvenient.

While I'm digressing, I suppose I should take a moment to assure you all that despite my color--which I prefer to think of as luminescent, not putrescent, and I'll blame that slip on your limited vocabulary for the time being--I am not a swamp creature. I'm not any sort of creature at all, really. Perhaps one of habit? No matter, I am in particular not a Frog, Master Toucan, and therefore I have no interest in singing for you whatsoever. Although I do know one or two about rainbows, yes...

Well maybe just the one song. But you have to go next, and while I'm all for starting the language lessons early, you really should tell the Zombies to enunciate if they're going to sing along. We'll harmonize, it'll be lovely. Except in this heat, I'll need a drink first... I feel as if I'm melting.

...I fail to see why that's so amusing.


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